Fuping - Summer 2007

Here are some highlights of work made in Fuping, China for the new FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum.

Susanne working at Fuping

Yellow Dragon | 90cm x 52cm x 25cm

Water Rush | 177cm x 87cm x 72cm

Water Form | 83cm x 36cm x 20cm

Pubu (Waterfall) | Part 1 - 30cm x 54cm x 22cm; Part 2 - 87cm x 24cm x 21cm

John working at Fuping

Seven Biosphere | Each - 11cm x 12cm x 13cm

Four Capsule Return | 36cm x 30cm x 17cm

Yellow Vapor | 48cm x 50cm

Earth Tie | 25cm x 60cm x 20cm

The passing of the old cultures into the new takes place in a relatively short time. This has been especially true of the New China. Here are just a few photographs which document a variety of folk crafts such as textiles, bamboo and paper. In the countryside there is some evidence of preservation of old architectural sites. We also see the use of tiles in roof top ornamentation.

Travel Images

Ershi Ba Pu Bridge, Ming

Ershi Ba Pu Wood Carving

Wuzhen village, ZheJiang

Hubei Province Roof, Old Merchant House (Da Shui Jing)

Hubei Province (Jingdezhen tile detail) (Old Merchant House)

Interior Haka Round House, Fujian

Haka Round, Square Houses, Fujian Province

DeYuan Roof Dragon, Fujian Province

Drying Food Baskets

Tian Luo, Fujian Province

Chinese Stove

Umbrella workshop, Jiangxi Province

Umbrella frames

Temple Door, Dali Lama Summer Palace, Lasa, Tibet

Jokhang Temple Roof, Lasa, Tibet

Old Kiln, Jingdezhen

Guilin mountains, Guangxi Province

Miao Embroidery, Miao, paper cuts

Guizhou Province,Miao, dance festival

Guizhou Province, Miao, women's hair style

China has provided a wonderful opportunity to study its folk art tradition. Coupled with opportunities to photograph, it is an experience which invites one to return again and again. Gathered here are some examples of our photographic record.

Ceramic Images from Travel

Tibetan pottery was not to be found in the local market but was discovered tied to carts which make the rounds of the city

This unique pot was made for milking yak.

Packing bowls were tied tightly in Guizhou.

Working together gets the work done.

NanPing jug

Production at the Wong pottery.

A finished jar from the Wong pottery.

Unfired pots positioned over kiln ready for towel glazing

An Anhui wine jar

Sanbao Wall 2005 #1

Sanbao Wall 2005 #2

Over glaze painting in Jingdezhen

Sanbao Gallery

Large porcelain platters (5+) Two persons throwing together.

A seventy year old potter demonstrates at NanPing. The pottery has been reestablished to use the new highway in the area.

A water buffalo is used to mix clay for the potters making roof tiles